August 24, 2013

Day 91

Made these yummy yummy muffin-tin-snack-bite-cookie things today! The recipe is here!

Good day today! Wrote up the review to "Darkness Rising, Part 5", which will be up tomorrow! Then, my Mom and I ran some errands and then a friend and I finally saw Elysium! It was amazing, and after three weeks of scheduling problems on both ends, we were both super happy to have finally saw it together! She also got me a kickass gift:

Thanks, Vanessa! Love you!

Went to the grocery store, and we got the ingrediants needed to make the awesome cookie things up top there! They are amazing and yummy! Try it. You won't regret it.

Found this neat video of Apollo 11. As we talked about the Space Race on Friday, I thought this was a cool thing to come across. Check it out here!

Very cool day today. Tomorrow, I crack down on homework, and maybe I'll watch more of Newsroom later!

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