August 23, 2013

Day 90

Hey, look! It's me, doing active things! Oh, the novelty!

Spent the morning getting my eyes checked up. I swear to God, this place moved so slowly, it was ridiculous. I did get a good chapter in of A Storm of Swords in, though, so that was cool. Missed Strings and STAM, so yes, one day after changing my schedule, I missed my new math class. 'Cause that's just how I role!

Creative Writing was third block. We had to write an essay on a teacher who mattered or influenced us, and I wrote mine on my sixth grade English teacher. Edited a friend's paper. Her's was pretty good! It was about a summer-school teacher of Constitutional Law! Sweet!

Had Post WWII US History last, and we learned about the Space Race! It was pretty fun, and I liked that we learned about pretty much everything about it up to the '90s. Very interesting stuff. After this, there was the Cross Country scrimmage. That was actually a lot of fun. I ran with a group of kids from another school, and I felt pretty good about it. We worked together and did intervals during the meat. Smart!

Had dinner with a friend of mine, and then we went to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This movie had so many problems, but wasn't really bad so much as disjointed and cobbled together. It had like some kind of Buffy spin to it, and then we had to have that teen romance in there, so there was a heavy Twilight influence, and then there's this plot point that goes nowhere and another that steals directly from Portal. I just- it's so cumbersome and weird! I kinda want to read the book on which the film was based, because I think it had a lot of potential.

Really tired. Headed to bed. Tomorrow's Saturday, thank God! See y'all then!

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