August 22, 2013

Day 89

This book continues to impress and wow the hell out of me!

Changed my schedule! Yeah! No more PreCalc, and my STAM class is full of people whom I know and who are my friends! Yay!

Moreover, I have half block frees every day now, whereas before, I only had a full block of free every other day, so that's nice too.

English 12 was interesting. We had an in-class essay about maps and our relation to them. I talked about Middle Earth and Westeros for a good six pages! It was great!

Had Modern History at the end of the day. We had an overview of the Dark Ages, which was kinda cool. Cross Country was fun, if really tiring. We ran the course which we'll run tomorrow for our scrimmage. I actually had pretty good pacing throughout the whole thing.

Overall, today was a great day, and I'm so happy that my schedule has been changed!

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