August 21, 2013

Day 88

I was introduced to this show today by a friend of mine! Needless to say, I'm impressed!

Good news, those of you who fret over my schedule: I'm no longer taking PreCalc! Come tomorrow (hopefully), I'll be transferring over to STAM and dropping PE. Cool.

Began the day with Advanced English. The teacher in there is insane as usual, and he told us a long story about how he met this author of a book and had a whole bit about teachers; it was really weird! Got my first draft of Friday's essay written tonight, so that was cool.

Had Strings/PreCalc next. Not much to report here. I do so enjoy our little group in Strings, though! We listened to this amazing mezzo-soprano whom my strings teacher saw live, and it was amazing! This girl can really sing!

Had a free third, in which I ran around checking in with everyone about getting my schedule changed. Started the pilot of The Newsroom too! Finished it just five minutes ago! Really good start. Nice to see Aaron Sorkin back to writing television!

Post was fourth block. We talked about the atom bomb and watched some videos on how much damage it can do and various public service announcements from the '50s about what to do if the bomb were to go off. Pretty ridiculous stuff, really, but entertaining and informative.

Cross Country was an easy day today. Not too much to report here. Came home, practiced the violin, and finished off The Newsroom pilot. Now headed to bed. Tomorrow, we will see how STAM works out!

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