August 20, 2013

Day 87

Got the Senior Thesis Handbook! Scary stuff in here!

So, sorry for the wrong numbers on my days for the past week or so! I'm glad I caught the bug now and fixed it, instead of discovering it 100 days in or something!

Okay day today. Actually, it started out great. I had English first (the regular one), in which we talked about this excerpt of a story which was neat! We have an in-class essay test thing next class, so that's nice. Next was Modern History, in which we went over the Senior Thesis! Woot! Lots of stuff in here. I'm actually less stressed about this now, but that's only because I have other stuff that I'll get to in a minute. Had PE third block. We did some stretching there and then the class was over just like that! Had I known that this class was going to be this easy and that it also allowed you to get PE credits, I'd have done this much sooner.

Anyway, then we had a meeting as a class about colleges and the process now that we're Seniors! Good God, am I stressed about that! It feels like a lot of stuff, though it'll probably turn out fine. I think I was just thrown a ton of information today, what with the thesis, college process, and the PreCalc at the end there kinda just did me in.
Cross Country was a nice reprieve (never thought I'd say that) from all this stuff, and then I had violin today. Worked on the Partita in E. Super difficult, but still fun. Got home exhausted and then did the math homework, though I know I didn't do it right, so I'm going in for help tomorrow. Really tired now and headed to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

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