August 19, 2013

Day 86

AYS break! Look at all the expensive instruments!

Excellent Monday! Started the day off with Post, which was cool. Learned about Truman and Eisenhower and how they shaped the '50s of America! Cool stuff!

Had Creative Writing! I love this class! Peer-edited our non-fiction stories, which was good, though my peers were less than helpful really. They didn't mark stuff very well. Still, I did get some use out of this, and edited it for Wednesday!

Strings was neat. We sight-read some more stuff and then for fun, the violins and violas all played like cellos. I sounded horrible!

Had a free last block and read more of Bird by Bird! That book's like my Bible! It's so cool! Cross Country was good. Went off campus for a longer workout today, and a good friend of mine joined the team today, so that was nice!

AYS was okay, though our conductor got mad because many of us didn't practice as much as we should have. Not very fun. Still, I'm liking this group of people a lot, and always feel like I learn something when I'm done for the day!

Headed to bed now. Full block of PreCalc to end the day tomorrow. Ugh.

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