August 18, 2013

Day 85

Breakfast for dinner!

Woke up and had scones for breakfast (my breakfast breakfast, not the dinner one), and they were great! We have some left over, so we'll be having those for tomorrow's breakfast. Yum!
Had to do PreCalc homework, so got that done. I'm not sure I did everything the teacher wanted to do, but hey, I have a free tomorrow, so I'll ask him then. Actually, tomorrow's schedule looks to be particularly badass! I have Post-WWII US History, Advanced English, Strings, and a free to end the day! Yeah! Looking forward to that.
Went to Staples to get some more supplies, mainly just two subject notebooks for English and History, and then we came home and I wrote out my English 12 paper for Tuesday! Its confusing, I know!
Had that awesome pictured dinner, and then practiced the violin. Now headed to bed so as to be well-rested for a great day tomorrow!

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