August 14, 2013

Day 81

Finally found this awesome guy at my Target, which is a big deal, because my Target doesn't usually carry the new stuff until its well past being new.

Great last day of summer for me! Practiced the violin, got my backpack ready for school, listened to more if A Storm of Swords, and finished Persepolis for school.

My mom and I then went over to meet a nice man by the name of Michael Mauldin, a composer and composition and piano teacher! He's super cool! Got my first piano chord lesson today, in addition to him looking at my scores! I was suuuuper excited, and looking forward to working with him!

Stopped at Target, where I got two new Transformers, one of which is in the picture, and had takeout for dinner! Have to get to bed! Night, all! Thanks for a great summer!!! 

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