August 12, 2013

Day 79

First AYS rehearsal for the year! Sorry, this was the only picture I could take without seeming creepy!

Good day today! Woke up and wrote out my first draft of my "Darkness Rising, Part 3" review coming Wednesday. Practiced the violin; yeah, it turns out that if you practice insanely for four days straight, then don't practice for a week... you kinda lose you're skill set! However, I soon regained it and headed out on my way to my first AYS rehearsal of the year! This was great! I loved how Mr. Gordon worked on phrasing and dynamics and emotion with us! This really feels like a professional group, and I'm loving it! Worked on my Optimus story and gave it to my Mom to edit it before I send it off to some friends of mine for their input! Pretty nervous, but excited. Tomorrow, I'll be working on my "Darkness Rising, Part 4" review for this coming Sunday, and reading more of A Storm of Swords... yes, I started it!

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