August 31, 2013

Day 98

Luminaria bag folding!!!

Okay, I literally did nothing but fold Luminaria bags and watch Newsroom for the majority of the day. Then, my friend came over to help me fold Luminaria bags and we watched The Dark Knight Rises. My Mom got us dinner and we managed to get one and a half bricks done! Woot! Anyway, I'm really tired now, so I'm sorry that this is a short post, but I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

August 30, 2013

Day 97

It's great!

I've been posting videos in my blog posts lately! Not sure why; I just like a lot of videos!

Pretty cool day! Went to UNM for a college tour in the afternoon, and it was pretty cool. I liked the tour guide, and the classes seemed interesting. Dorm life looks to be a step up here than at other colleges, and overall, the tour was really cool. The level of access that students have to the city is a big selling point for this school, and being that it is at home (I live only a few blocks from the campus), it carries with it enough incentive for me to reconsider it as a viable option for college! Cool stuff.

Came home and completed my research question portion of my prospectus for my Senior Thesis! It turns out that my mind is apparently really quick in thought, and I had like seven different questions to launch me into research, all of which were strong and I wanted to talk about all of them. I had to pick one, so I ended up combining two into one question, and that seemed to work out pretty well. I'm glad I got that done today; I was pretty stressed about it all week, and then of course it took me about twenty minutes!

Luminaria bag folding continues! Dear God, this is so remedial! Luckily, my friend offered to help me tomorrow, so that's really nice of him! Gonna watch some Newsroom and then I'm off to bed. See you all tomorrow!

August 29, 2013

Day 96

It's an okay video. I found it on Tumblr.

Good day today. Had STAM, in which we learned more about graphs and the different types of graphs. Then I had Post, in which we talked more about Communism. Learned about McCarthy and his insane agenda and ethics, and then looked at some propaganda posters.

Adv. Eng. was cool We edited each other's music essays, and my reader had some good input for mine. She wrote about playing the theme from Titanic on the piano when she was little, and her essay was really good! After this, I auditioned for the part of Jiquis in Shakespeare's As You Like It. I declined the role, though, as it was too big and I just didn't have time in schedule to fit it in. Kind of a shame, but it was nice that the director thought of me!

Strings and free finished off the day. Practiced my concerto piece after class and edited it some more. My Mom picked me up early, so I had no Cross Country practice (it was an optional day anyway). She went off to Parent Night at my school while I was home. My violin teacher came over to my house but forgot her violin, so she mostly just listened to me play and gave me some pointers. I also showed her my concerto piece and she liked it. She said she would work with me on it, so that's cool!

Overall, pretty good day. Tomorrow, I have a UNM college visit, but it's all good because my friend is going too! That should be fun!

August 28, 2013

Day 95

It's so good! Just... it's just so freakin' good!!!

50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech! Yeah! Of course, my class neglected to mention anything related to that today... not sure why; we even had Modern History today! WTF?!

Good day today despite that oversight. Had STAM and took my quiz. I feel it went okay, and it is just a quiz. We're doing homework online now, and it's kinda cool. There was a little bit of an issue with the network and getting everyone signed in, and then of course once I completed the assignment for homework, the teacher realized she made a mistake and there was an email sent out to everyone except me, because I'm not in the STAM email list yet 'cause I'm a late addition to the class... anyway, long story short, that wasn't the homework, but the teacher said that what I did was fine, so that's good I guess.

Modern History next! Talked about Machiavelli today! What an interesting book! We talked some about government and why we answer to it and why we choose to not rebel and conform to anarchy. Discussed fear and power and loss of it when you rely on someone else when in a powerful position... it was just a cool discussion!

English 12 next, which is kinda like another history class today and the next class because we're learning a little bit about Iranian history. We can't discuss Persepolis without first delving into the backstory of the Iranian Revolution and its history and whatnot. It was interesting, and no homework in here! Yay!

Strings was last. We played Handel's Concerto Grosso, which went fine. A friend of mine doesn't like it, and I'm not that big a fan of it, but I did like that I got to apply my knowledge of the anacrusis a little bit! That was fun. Then I had a half of a free, in which I tagged along with a friend of mine while she freaked out over having not written her college essay which was assigned to us in April when it is now due... today! Don't procrastinate, kids!

Cross Country was small today. Not even the captain of the boys' team showed up, so you knew it was going to be a rather lax day. Indeed it was, as my group (the slow group) did a light jog in and around the Deep Dark Woods. Then my Mom was late picking me up, so I got some college information down and then returned home.

Edited my paper for tomorrow a little bit (it's still a mess, though), and then spent the majority of the night editing the slurs and bowings and whatnot for my violin concerto! Got some good practicing in tonight too. Overall, a very fun day. Looking forward to tomorrow, where I have Adv. English!!! Super stoked for that!

August 27, 2013

Day 94

No picture. Sorry guys! I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to sustain 271 more days of this with pictures and stuff!

Pretty good day today! STAM was fun. Learned about DOT PLOTS!!! That's just fun to say. Advanced English was crazy insane, as the teacher went on and on about how he knew this author through this musician of a band that a friend liked or something... I don't even... it was just really long but totally energetic and hilarious! We also got an assignment in which we must write about a song or artist that inspires or has impacted your life. You probably all know whom I'm writing about!

Third block was Post! We talked about Lenin, Stalin, and Communism! Crazy stuff, man. That class is great, and I'm loving how it's structured. Strings was probably the highlight of today's school day. My strings teacher approved my concerto, and said that we can and will perform it when I'm ready! Woot! Happy day. Cross Country was ridiculously tiring. Full 800 intervals, increasing speed and meeting our own times! WTF?!?!?! Really burnt out after that.

Then I had composition tutoring with Mr. Mauldin (I don't feel bad about putting his name here; he has his own website). It was cool. Learned more about Base clef and how to read it, and then he looked a little at my concerto. We'll be looking at that in more detail next week. I'm just super pumped to be doing this finally!

Super tired now. Going to bed. Tomorrow will be interesting! See y'all!

August 26, 2013

Day 93

Got The Prince by Machiavelli! Sweet stuff in here!

There should really be a command function in Bogger where you can set things to the left from center with just a keystroke. Anyway, great day today. Had English and Modern History and then nothing in the afternoon! How cool is that? Got a ton of stuff done as a result!

English was neat. We talked about Persepolis and analyzed it a little bit. History we learned more about Columbus and discovering the Americas from the European perspective, and then we had a fire drill, so that kinda ended things abruptly. Afternoon was nice. Got some math homework done so I'm now all caught up in STAM, and then talked with some friends for a while.

Cross Country was good. Easy day today. Mostly chatted with a friend of mine about fanfiction. She still needs to read my fic, but she said she'd probably do it this week if she had time, which basically means nothing, but hey, its the thought that counts! AYS was much better than last week's. The conductor did not yell at us, and we improved so much in those three hours! Cool stuff.

Tomorrow I have Advanced English, STAM (in which we take a quiz), Strings, and Post! Also, I have composition lessons that afternoon! Super stoked about that!!!

August 25, 2013

Day 92

Epic indeed! This is the highest score I've gotten on a single round! My opponent and I are just raking in huge amounts of points on this Matching Tiles game!

Posted "Darkness Rising, Part 5" review! Mini-series done!!! Woot.

Good day today, albeit slow. Woke up and wrote out a seven-page paper on Persepolis when the assignment was to write our thoughts out in a single paragraph. A paragraph?! Really? Who could do that? I'm not a succinct person, okay! Anyway, got that done, which was good. My Mom and I talked about some colleges that I might try to visit. We came up with Puget Sound, Redlands, and Whittier. Super stoked for those!

Worked more on a short story that I cooked up recently about running and my experience while doing it. It's kinda cool, I guess. Don't feel that I'm getting all my thoughts down well enough. Glancing over to my left, I just noticed that I got some new comic books! From yesterday, so sorry if I didn't say that!

My cousin is off to college! Crazy, man! Congratulations out to you, bro! Hopefully, we can still keep in touch! I like that I have like three emails and two phone numbers for him now. Lol.

Hmm, what else did we do today? I practiced the violin. And went to Flying Star per our usual Sunday schedule. Tomorrow I have all afternoon free! That should be nice. Not much else to report, really. Going to watch more Newsroom now. Goodnight, everyone.

Shadowcon Reviews- Darkness Rising, Part 5

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 1 episode 5: “Darkness Rising, Part 5”

So here we are, finally, at the end of the first big arc of Transformers Prime. The words “it’s been quite a ride” just don’t seem to do this thing justice. After a “previously on” segment, we get a glimpse of what would happen should Megatron prevail in his attempts to bring a bunch of zombies to Earth, and it’s mostly what you would expect: the sky is red, people are screaming, and evil Decepticons are just blasting everything in sight. This is accompanied by a pretty bland voiceover by Optimus Prime, who tells us things that we already know, but it’s a good recap anyway.

August 24, 2013

Day 91

Made these yummy yummy muffin-tin-snack-bite-cookie things today! The recipe is here!

Good day today! Wrote up the review to "Darkness Rising, Part 5", which will be up tomorrow! Then, my Mom and I ran some errands and then a friend and I finally saw Elysium! It was amazing, and after three weeks of scheduling problems on both ends, we were both super happy to have finally saw it together! She also got me a kickass gift:

Thanks, Vanessa! Love you!

Went to the grocery store, and we got the ingrediants needed to make the awesome cookie things up top there! They are amazing and yummy! Try it. You won't regret it.

Found this neat video of Apollo 11. As we talked about the Space Race on Friday, I thought this was a cool thing to come across. Check it out here!

Very cool day today. Tomorrow, I crack down on homework, and maybe I'll watch more of Newsroom later!

August 23, 2013

Day 90

Hey, look! It's me, doing active things! Oh, the novelty!

Spent the morning getting my eyes checked up. I swear to God, this place moved so slowly, it was ridiculous. I did get a good chapter in of A Storm of Swords in, though, so that was cool. Missed Strings and STAM, so yes, one day after changing my schedule, I missed my new math class. 'Cause that's just how I role!

Creative Writing was third block. We had to write an essay on a teacher who mattered or influenced us, and I wrote mine on my sixth grade English teacher. Edited a friend's paper. Her's was pretty good! It was about a summer-school teacher of Constitutional Law! Sweet!

Had Post WWII US History last, and we learned about the Space Race! It was pretty fun, and I liked that we learned about pretty much everything about it up to the '90s. Very interesting stuff. After this, there was the Cross Country scrimmage. That was actually a lot of fun. I ran with a group of kids from another school, and I felt pretty good about it. We worked together and did intervals during the meat. Smart!

Had dinner with a friend of mine, and then we went to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This movie had so many problems, but wasn't really bad so much as disjointed and cobbled together. It had like some kind of Buffy spin to it, and then we had to have that teen romance in there, so there was a heavy Twilight influence, and then there's this plot point that goes nowhere and another that steals directly from Portal. I just- it's so cumbersome and weird! I kinda want to read the book on which the film was based, because I think it had a lot of potential.

Really tired. Headed to bed. Tomorrow's Saturday, thank God! See y'all then!

August 22, 2013

Day 89

This book continues to impress and wow the hell out of me!

Changed my schedule! Yeah! No more PreCalc, and my STAM class is full of people whom I know and who are my friends! Yay!

Moreover, I have half block frees every day now, whereas before, I only had a full block of free every other day, so that's nice too.

English 12 was interesting. We had an in-class essay about maps and our relation to them. I talked about Middle Earth and Westeros for a good six pages! It was great!

Had Modern History at the end of the day. We had an overview of the Dark Ages, which was kinda cool. Cross Country was fun, if really tiring. We ran the course which we'll run tomorrow for our scrimmage. I actually had pretty good pacing throughout the whole thing.

Overall, today was a great day, and I'm so happy that my schedule has been changed!

August 21, 2013

Day 88

I was introduced to this show today by a friend of mine! Needless to say, I'm impressed!

Good news, those of you who fret over my schedule: I'm no longer taking PreCalc! Come tomorrow (hopefully), I'll be transferring over to STAM and dropping PE. Cool.

Began the day with Advanced English. The teacher in there is insane as usual, and he told us a long story about how he met this author of a book and had a whole bit about teachers; it was really weird! Got my first draft of Friday's essay written tonight, so that was cool.

Had Strings/PreCalc next. Not much to report here. I do so enjoy our little group in Strings, though! We listened to this amazing mezzo-soprano whom my strings teacher saw live, and it was amazing! This girl can really sing!

Had a free third, in which I ran around checking in with everyone about getting my schedule changed. Started the pilot of The Newsroom too! Finished it just five minutes ago! Really good start. Nice to see Aaron Sorkin back to writing television!

Post was fourth block. We talked about the atom bomb and watched some videos on how much damage it can do and various public service announcements from the '50s about what to do if the bomb were to go off. Pretty ridiculous stuff, really, but entertaining and informative.

Cross Country was an easy day today. Not too much to report here. Came home, practiced the violin, and finished off The Newsroom pilot. Now headed to bed. Tomorrow, we will see how STAM works out!

August 20, 2013

Day 87

Got the Senior Thesis Handbook! Scary stuff in here!

So, sorry for the wrong numbers on my days for the past week or so! I'm glad I caught the bug now and fixed it, instead of discovering it 100 days in or something!

Okay day today. Actually, it started out great. I had English first (the regular one), in which we talked about this excerpt of a story which was neat! We have an in-class essay test thing next class, so that's nice. Next was Modern History, in which we went over the Senior Thesis! Woot! Lots of stuff in here. I'm actually less stressed about this now, but that's only because I have other stuff that I'll get to in a minute. Had PE third block. We did some stretching there and then the class was over just like that! Had I known that this class was going to be this easy and that it also allowed you to get PE credits, I'd have done this much sooner.

Anyway, then we had a meeting as a class about colleges and the process now that we're Seniors! Good God, am I stressed about that! It feels like a lot of stuff, though it'll probably turn out fine. I think I was just thrown a ton of information today, what with the thesis, college process, and the PreCalc at the end there kinda just did me in.
Cross Country was a nice reprieve (never thought I'd say that) from all this stuff, and then I had violin today. Worked on the Partita in E. Super difficult, but still fun. Got home exhausted and then did the math homework, though I know I didn't do it right, so I'm going in for help tomorrow. Really tired now and headed to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

August 19, 2013

Day 86

AYS break! Look at all the expensive instruments!

Excellent Monday! Started the day off with Post, which was cool. Learned about Truman and Eisenhower and how they shaped the '50s of America! Cool stuff!

Had Creative Writing! I love this class! Peer-edited our non-fiction stories, which was good, though my peers were less than helpful really. They didn't mark stuff very well. Still, I did get some use out of this, and edited it for Wednesday!

Strings was neat. We sight-read some more stuff and then for fun, the violins and violas all played like cellos. I sounded horrible!

Had a free last block and read more of Bird by Bird! That book's like my Bible! It's so cool! Cross Country was good. Went off campus for a longer workout today, and a good friend of mine joined the team today, so that was nice!

AYS was okay, though our conductor got mad because many of us didn't practice as much as we should have. Not very fun. Still, I'm liking this group of people a lot, and always feel like I learn something when I'm done for the day!

Headed to bed now. Full block of PreCalc to end the day tomorrow. Ugh.

August 18, 2013

Day 85

Breakfast for dinner!

Woke up and had scones for breakfast (my breakfast breakfast, not the dinner one), and they were great! We have some left over, so we'll be having those for tomorrow's breakfast. Yum!
Had to do PreCalc homework, so got that done. I'm not sure I did everything the teacher wanted to do, but hey, I have a free tomorrow, so I'll ask him then. Actually, tomorrow's schedule looks to be particularly badass! I have Post-WWII US History, Advanced English, Strings, and a free to end the day! Yeah! Looking forward to that.
Went to Staples to get some more supplies, mainly just two subject notebooks for English and History, and then we came home and I wrote out my English 12 paper for Tuesday! Its confusing, I know!
Had that awesome pictured dinner, and then practiced the violin. Now headed to bed so as to be well-rested for a great day tomorrow!

August 17, 2013

Day 84

Watching The Amazing Spider-Man!
Great day today! Spent the morning cleaning and making the house someway presentable for my rehearsal with my friends!
The rehearsal was awesome! It was great having the whole group finally together! We practiced for two and a half hours! Crazy!
Now watching the new Spider-Man movie! Really cool!

Shadowcon Reviews- Darkness Rising, Part 4

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 1 episode 4: “Darkness Rising, Part 4”

Transformers Prime got off to a great start, with Cliffjumper’s death highlighting the series’ dark tone and establishing that this show is far from where the Unicron Trilogy or even Animated had been; this is a show that can be and often is serious about what its doing and is usually unafraid to take risks. “Darkness Rising, Part 4” then, allows some of that maturity to seep through a little more. As the action is the primary vehicle for this episode, it allows for minimal exposition and more for development not only of the human characters, but also of how the situation affects the humans and their feelings towards their robot partners. It is not often that the human element in Transformers is strong, and its rarer still to have the human characters react in natural and reasonable ways. Let’s get down to the episode, and I’ll see if I can’t better explain myself.

August 16, 2013

Day 83

This is me returned home after Cross Country. I'm really tired!

School continues to impress me! Started the day off with Modern World History, in which we were given a brief overview of the class and learned about Rasputin and how insane and creepy he was! He was poisoned, then shot, and still survived all of that, then was shot like sixteen times again, and instead of dying by gunshot wound or bloodloss or poison, he died of drowning! Like, what?!?!?!?!? Anyway, that class was fun!

Next came Strings followed by PreCalc. Strings is pretty fun. We sight-read a new piece which I like a lot better than yesterday's choice. PreCalc is still intimidating, and I haven't made up my mind whether I like the teacher or not.
English came next (the regular one)! This was interesting; we learned about maps, specifically the ancient and medieval maps that had Jerusalem in the center of the world or Mecca in the center of the world or some such. Then we looked at different modern maps and how they attempt to wrestle with size and scale and stretch and such. It was pretty neat. I'm not sure what it has to do with English, but I'm sure I'll find out eventually!

PE was last block. This class is like the easiest class on the planet. We had an overview of what we'll be doing this year (we didn't even have to change out of our normal clothes), and then we got out forty-five minutes early! Plus a bunch of my friends are in that class, so that's cool!

Cross Country was grueling, though not as bad as intervals, which I'm not looking forward to! We did a five mile hard run today in the hot sun. It was very dry and I got lost and thought I would die of heat stroke or something. Anyway, it's over now, so that's okay, but I'm sooooo sore!!!

Tomorrow, I rehearse Phantom with the whole group of people! Looking forward to that a lot!

August 15, 2013

Day 82


Senior year, baby! Yeah! Loving it thus far! Had my Advanced English and US Post-WWII History classes today, which were both really awesome. My Adv. Eng. teacher is just insane and awesome, and my Post teacher is also my Advisor, so that should prove interesting. I love that in Adv. Eng., we got Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott! This book is just so good and funny and well-written, and I'm loving that we get to read it! Had Serenata strings class today (not doing All-State, WOOT!), and then had PreCalc. That was the scariest class, but at the end, the teacher said that he's willing to work with my visual impairment and that he's really a nice guy, so it was okay.

Then I had Cross Country. I hate running. Anyway, it turns out that a lot of my friends are on the team, so it's not so bad. And I found that I can run our course without stopping, which may seem petty to some, but I take my victories where I can get them!

I have since completed my math homework, sat down to write my Adv. Eng. essay (kind of- I more thought about doing it than actually did it, but still), and am now going to practice the violin! More classes tomorrow! Yay!

August 14, 2013

Day 81

Finally found this awesome guy at my Target, which is a big deal, because my Target doesn't usually carry the new stuff until its well past being new.

Great last day of summer for me! Practiced the violin, got my backpack ready for school, listened to more if A Storm of Swords, and finished Persepolis for school.

My mom and I then went over to meet a nice man by the name of Michael Mauldin, a composer and composition and piano teacher! He's super cool! Got my first piano chord lesson today, in addition to him looking at my scores! I was suuuuper excited, and looking forward to working with him!

Stopped at Target, where I got two new Transformers, one of which is in the picture, and had takeout for dinner! Have to get to bed! Night, all! Thanks for a great summer!!! 

Shadowcon Reviews- Darkness Rising, Part 3

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 1 episode 3: “Darkness Rising, Part 3”

Let’s kick things off with… ah, the requisite robot-human bonding time! We have Jack taking a ride on… with Arcee in bike mode, Miko encouraging Bulkhead to get her killed by barreling down a steep hill in vehicle mode, and Raf displaying his complete lack of social skills or ability to enjoy anything not connected to a computer, by playing video games with Bumblebee… in his own car mode. Y’know, when ‘Bee got his voice back at the end of the series, I’m surprised he teased Raf with such restraint; I would’ve been all over his video games and disconnect with his family… but then that’s why I’m a heartless bastard of a reviewer, and not a giant yellow and black robot. Still, all of this gets across the human’s interactions with their robot partners without bogging down the story, and it doesn’t take up too much time, unlike a lot of other Transformers shows, so good on the writers for that.

August 13, 2013

Day 80

Amazing supreme pizza! I only ate half of it, though; so much food!

Wrote up my "Darkness Rising, Part 4" review today. I'm finally getting the hand of this whole backlogging thing! Practiced the violin and read some more Storm of Swords. Had violin lesson today. I worked on the Bach Prelude in E Major! So difficult, but really fun! Worked on my Optimus fanfic some more, and came across two really good videos, seen below. A very good day. Tomorrow is my last day of summer! Good God, I can't believe it's already over!

August 12, 2013

Day 79

First AYS rehearsal for the year! Sorry, this was the only picture I could take without seeming creepy!

Good day today! Woke up and wrote out my first draft of my "Darkness Rising, Part 3" review coming Wednesday. Practiced the violin; yeah, it turns out that if you practice insanely for four days straight, then don't practice for a week... you kinda lose you're skill set! However, I soon regained it and headed out on my way to my first AYS rehearsal of the year! This was great! I loved how Mr. Gordon worked on phrasing and dynamics and emotion with us! This really feels like a professional group, and I'm loving it! Worked on my Optimus story and gave it to my Mom to edit it before I send it off to some friends of mine for their input! Pretty nervous, but excited. Tomorrow, I'll be working on my "Darkness Rising, Part 4" review for this coming Sunday, and reading more of A Storm of Swords... yes, I started it!

August 11, 2013

Days 71-78- (8/4-8/11)

This week was really relaxing, very fun, and made me forget about all the stress that awaits me back at home! I spent the majority of the week at my Granddad’s lake house in Idaho, which was lovely. The first couple of days were spent lounging around the house and dock, and I got a ton of writing done, thanks in no small part to the lack of internet connection! That’s also why I couldn’t blog daily; I’m actually blogging in a Word document now (hence the different look of everything) because even at my Aunt’s house, they don’t have Wi-Fi, and I didn’t want to get home at 11:00 PM and have to hash out a half-assed attempt at a recap.
Anyway, my Aunt and 2-year-old cousin came out to the lake every other day! My cousin is adorable! He’s like a little ball of energy that just keeps dispersing the cute factor, its awesome! I jumped off the dock into the water a couple times, and my cousin developed his own duck walk! We went into town to pick up a few things, my Granddad went to pick up his truck, and I had a really yummy breakfast lunch type meal at a nice diner restaurant.
We went on some lovely boat rides, I finished up A Clash of Kings (in record time; granted, I have only A Game of Thrones to measure against, and that took me like a year and a half to finish, but I take pride in what I can), and I made great headway on my short story. The last couple days were spent at my Aunt’s, with my cousin as entertainment all on his own!
I found out my schedule for this year’s school year. I have PreCalc, two English classes, two History classes, PE, and Serenata Strings class! Also, on a completely unrelated note to everything else that’s in this post, if you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that my “Darkness Rising, Part 3” review is coming out this Wednesday instead of today because of lack of planning on my part: I forgot to get the episode on my laptop to take notes on this week. Sorry about that. “Part 4” will come out next Sunday, though!

Now, I’m in an airport and getting ready to board a plane and head home. It was a great week, and I loved all the relaxing stuff we did, especially the sitting around lounging part; I’m very good at that! Tomorrow, I have my first Monday AYS rehearsal in the evening! Pretty exciting!

August 3, 2013

Days 67-70 (7/31-8/3)

So, AYS! Really, really fun! Much better than last year's retreat with AYO, in part because it wasn't so dreadfully hot and sticky and nasty this time around. We had rain, and lost power for a few hours in the morning the first full day we were up at the Hummingbird camp, so that was interesting. The entire experience was really cool. This year looks to be really fun, as I'm playing Beethoven's 7th, Tchaikovsky's Solennelle, and Bruch's Kol Nidre! Just really fun music! I found friends among the Second Violinists, and Mr. Gordon, our conductor, is a great example of efficiency and effectiveness!
Unfortunately, I came down with a bad cold while there, so while it was all fun, I was pretty much disintegrating while performing in the orchestra! It's hit its peak now, I think, so that's nice (not)! It probably didn't help that we went on a hike as part of the evening fun while at camp and at the end, we ran into a waterfall as an AYS tradition! Fun? Sure, but it did nothing good for my health! I also listened to a lot of A Clash of Kings to pass the time! I'm on the home stretch, man! It's awesome!
I must inform all 2 of you that read these (um, that's 1 for me, who checks these every once in a while, and 2 for my cousin, Lauren, who reads these probably to see how much more awesome her life is...) that I will be going to Idaho tomorrow through next Sunday the 11th, and I don't know if I'll have wifi there or not. I don't think I will, so I'll be doing another one of these "overview"-ish blog posts. While up there, I'll be swimming in the huge lake, and working on my review for "Darkness Rising, Part 3"; Part 2 comes out tomorrow, so look forward to that! This last week was really fun, and I'm loving AYS!

August 1, 2013

Schedule Update

Okay, so I know I said Tuesday that I would have wifi up here, but the wifi that is up here is so sketchy and there's no cell service, so I'm holding off on blogging until I get back Saturday. I'll have an overview of the days missed by then. Sorry for the absence in the news.