July 26, 2013

Shadowcon Mini-Views- Deadlock

Okay. Yeah! So, that happened.

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime Season 3, episode 13: "Deadlock"- Initial Thoughts (6/27/13)

Spoilers abound!

This is going to be completely informal, everything's off the top of my head, and if you haven't seen the final episode... why?! But also, as the warning says, you should probably stop reading now, 'cause this will contain spoilers!

So I went into this very hopeful; I wanted there to be closure, I wanted there to be a satisfying ending to a great show that admittedly stumbled a bit, but was still, in my opinion, one of the best Transformers shows out there. And was it good? Yeah. It was awesome! One of the things that really helped this out was that I feel the writers really wanted to make this special; they really wanted to make this as much of a bang as possible, and they gave us a great finale as a result. Best of Prime? Not in my opinion. But, the ending was great for the finale and a kick-ass way to end the show!

The first thing that everyone's talking about is Bumblebee's voice. I saw the spoiler promo, I knew it was coming, but God damn, I did not know it was going down exactly like the way it went down! Bumblebee dies! Like, legit dies, man! He gets hit point blank in the chest three times by Megatron! His eyes flicker and go dark, his chest gets all impacted and stuff. It's pretty grim. Lots of people were speculating that the blast from the trailer was the Omega Lock beam, but no, it was Megatron killing him!!! He falls into the Omega Lock beam thing and that's how he gets repaired.

Before that, though, Optimus beats the shit out of Megatron! While not as intense as the beating he gave him in "One Shall Fall", Optimus still brings the pain, even in the new body! I particularly like how Megatron just falls, like he can't even take it any more.

But the thing that really made me squeal with glee and made me feel just a tad disappointed was Bumblebee getting to kill Megatron. I loved this because Megatron just took it like a boss, staring down at the sword and then holding onto it as he fell and then just burned up in atmo. The music for this was good too; for both death scenes actually. The music really sold that these were important moments in the Transformers history, y'know. And people are complaining that Optimus should have been the one to kill Megatron and all of that, and I get that, but I like that for once we have someone else who kills him. It's refreshing. So that was okay with me. I also love that Bumblebee's first words were "Megatron!" And then to follow that up with his great speech was just awesome. I had man tears, dude! Man tears!

The next thing that was awesome for me was Soundwave! The dude gets pulled into the Shadowzone! I love that it was the kids that do this, too, because it kinda ties it back to the pilot where they face off against Soundwave in the five-parter! Love that shit! I'm glad that Miko got to wear the Apex armor again, though I kinda wish one of the others had worn it.

Starscream was great in this too! While he didn't get as much closure as I would have liked, I did like his reaction when Megatron died! It's like he just completely lost it! He's on his knees, man! And I love his line to Shockwave when he's dragged away: "Curse you and your logic!" Great stuff.

The whole battle sequence was just awesome! I loved how the action constantly showed us stuff that we hadn't seen before. When they go to Cybertron, they reformat it, and unlike in Beast Machines, the planet is just Cybertron borne anew, instead of being some shitty organic thing. No, this was much better!

But then, the real ending happens, and this is the stuff that made me cry! The tease that Jack, Miko, and Raff could perhaps show up in the next series which has been confirmed as taking place in the same universe, makes me excited. I actually like these human characters, even Miko! I also like that Ratchet is staying on Earth. A little strange, but I'll buy it!

The Autobots say their goodbyes. Raff and Bumblebee's goodbye just made me tear up:
Raff: "You don't need to say anything."
Bumblebee: "I never did."
Like, what do you even do after such a great line?!?!
Miko and Bulkhead's is the most kid-friendly-ish, as Miko cries. I'm not saying it wasn't emotional, I'm just saying that I think that one will affect kids the most.
Jack and Arcee's exchange was, surprise surprise, my favorite. These two have always been my favorite character pairing, and I'm glad that they had the exchange that they did!
Jack: "It's been quiet a ride."
Arcee: "Keep in touch, Jack. Don't make me hunt you down."
I legit teared up at that, man! I loved that they referenced "Darkness Rising, Part 4" with that! Just made me so sad!!!
Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen, and Wheeljack have a silent goodbye with Fowler, with salutes for everyone. I find that fitting, especially for Magnus, and to a certain degree Smokescreen. Definitely fits for Wheeljack as well.

The Decepticons remaining fly off into places unknown, and I'm a little miffed about that. We'll probably get closure for them in the movie, but I would like at least one TF series where we don't A) have all the 'Cons die at the end or B) just have the 'Cons float away or not get any closure. This was the latter, and I didn't really like it.

As a finale, it was very good. Definitely a win for Prime, and I'm so glad that it ended on a high note. I'd give this an 8/10 score! If a series finale can make me cry, yeah, it's gonna get bumped up a few points! This was an epic battle with lots of love and care put into every nugget of frame! Definitely a kick-ass way to end the series proper.

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