July 26, 2013

Day 62

Me, after watching "Deadlock"

So, if you haven't seen it, go watch the TFP finale! It's on YouTube here! Might not last very long; Hasbro's gotten better about keeping track of piracy! I watched a live stream of it, and it was amazing! Check out my review of it if you want!
Anyway, my Mom stayed home today because her cold finally got to her. :( She's feeling a little better now, but she's still sick. Spent the morning writing my Transformers fanfic, which is coming along nicely! Then surfed Tumblr to get support for the TFP finale! Seriously, it was awesome, and the live blogging was great! I even participated a little!
Got dinner in the rain! Seriously, this rainstorm in Albuquerque is insane!!! Lighting and thunder and HAIL! How often do we get hail?! Not that often, so this was a treat. Had Sonic (went through the drive-through, 'cause y'know, the rain and lighting and blowing dirt) and then I posted my review, which should really be taken as an Initial Thoughts post, like my first Dark of the Moon post. I still want to do a full in-depth review of this episode as well as my yearly Prime Overview for Season 3! Anyway, had a great day, and here's a cool picture of Team Prime as Avengers!

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