July 24, 2013

Day 60

Got this little beauty today! It's so CUTE! I just want it to grow little arms and legs and walk around all adorable like... don't judge me! :)

Pretty good day today. As you can see, I've revamped the look of my blog. This is a simpler look, and will hopefully not be too jarring for anyone. Everything's the same except for the Directory tab at the top. That now houses all of my posts, and it's where you'll find the links to my reviews, overviews, blogs, etc. as opposed to using the labels as linked pages for everything. The reviews are now in order of subject: for example, the Transformers Prime Reviews list now lists all the episodes I've reviewed in chronological order, rather than by my numbering scheme. Thought it would be easier and give new viewers a good quick "go-to" page. So, I spent the better part of an hour putting that together (had to get all the links and make sure everything worked right), and then did some more reading. 
Mom came home, and it turns out she has a cold :( That sucks. Naturally, in order to recover, we went to a movie! And what better theme for us to see than a plague movie?! We saw World War Z. I liked seeing it again, though there was a trailer for Insidious 2 at the beginning, and by God I nearly wet my pants! It was so messed up. Jesus! Anyway, home now! Might go on Tumblr for a good three hours before going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

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