July 22, 2013

Day 58

A moment of silence in remembrance of my Dad, who taught me so much and who always smiled and laughed and made me so happy!

So, I found this great gem of a blog site today! This thing is loaded with tips and thoughts on writing and all the stuff that that means, like reading, editing, characters, voice, whatever. You name it, this site's got it! It's a great resource, so check it out here!

Pretty good day today. Woke up late, worked on my story and grazed the Internet for inspiration, which is where I found that awesome site. Had my violin lesson today. We worked on AYS stuff and a little on the Bach Partita No. 3 (so hard!!!) Came home and had some pizza for dinner, and am now working more on my story while reading advice from that blog.
Oh, and Lindsey's new video is up! It actually went up at exactly 1:00 AM mountain time, and now has close to 300,000 views... after 19 hours! Cool! Check it out below:

Pretty cool! Looking forward to that Final Fantasy video... any day now... any time would be great...

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