July 9, 2013

Day 45

Logic logic logic! Got me a Shockwave! I now have all but one of the main Decepticon cast! Shockwave is very screen-accurate and is a pretty good figure!

Okay, so I'm very energized... possibly because I'm eating ice-cream right now, but also because I got up this morning, then went back to bed and slept 'till 1:00 PM after staying up the night before until 3:00 AM reading more of the Mark of Athena book! Needless to say, my day's been a bit wonky, and I'll most likely continue my day into the night where I will probably finish Mark of Athena and be really really happy, because that book is awesome!
Rehearsed Phantom with my friend today! That was cool. We're getting really good at it; both of us have the song memorized, so we can now focus on phrasing and playing off of each other! Fun stuff.
Also, found this neat video giving a, rather unfortunately, very brief overview of the life of Rosalind Franklin, one of the most under-appreciated female scientists of her time. famous of course for discovering the Double Helix. Her story is far more complicated than what a 4-minute period could ever hope to cover, but the video did hit all of the main points, and is a fun overview of her and the discovery of the Double Helix!
So, that's pretty cool! I'm also thinking about starting up a 30-day challenge to write something about me for thirty days with guidelines and requirements and stuff, and that'll probably go up in August. And yes, I have started writing my next review, so look forward to that sometime in the next week... hopefully!

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