July 30, 2013

Day 66

Sorry, guys. No photos for the next few days. I'm going on a retreat and they don't want pictures taken up there. I'll still blog though. Leave tomorrow! Should be fun!
I don't really have much news for today. I listened to more of A Clash of Kings! It's in it's final stages! I'm headed to bed. Have to get up at 6:00 tomorrow! Ugh.

July 29, 2013

Day 65

"Do not turn on the cooler! Something is amiss!"

Posted that note last night before I went to bed because the swamp cooler was acting up. Mom woke up to it this morning, much to her happiness! Needless to say, the house is... a little too toasty for my liking. We're getting it fixed tomorrow though. I was very tired today (probably all the lethargy catching up with me). Not even Tumblr could interest me. Yeah, you read that right! I listened to more of A Clash of Kings and then worked on my draft of "Darkness Rising, Part 2". Had violin lesson today. I'm very nervous for my camp that I have in two days. I don't know about the wifi up where I'm staying (it's a retreat), so I don't know if I'll be able to blog, and if I do, it'll probably be in short bursts. Anyway, pretty tired now, so I'm going to bed. 'Night all!

July 28, 2013

Day 64

Lindsey Stirling hovers over the Decepticon army!

Posted my review of "Darkness Rising, Part 1" today! Check it out! Also went to the post office and mailed off some gifts, and then got some lunch! Ate at the Village Inn and had the most filling crêpes ever! Yum! Cams home, marathoned Prime because I'm still obsessed with the show! Practiced the violin and now heading to bed.

Shadowcon Reviews- Darkness Rising, Part 1

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 1 episode 1: “Darkness Rising, Part 1”

With the finale of Prime having aired last Friday, I thought it would be nice to take a look at where everything started… well, for the series, at least; I suppose the continuity started with War for Cybertron and Exodus, but for Transformers Prime, this is the beginning. “Darkness Rising” kicked off the show in the most badass way possible, yes: Dwayne Johnson being awesome. The opening shot of Cliffjumper speeding down a dusty road is accompanied by banter between he and Arcee, establishing continuity and solidifying the objective Tumblr shippers out there for the next four years. Anyway, things are quickly laid out: the Decepticons have been inactive for quite a while, the Autobots believing that they’re alone on Earth, and apparently resources are slim.

July 27, 2013

Day 63

New figures!

Woke up at 11:00 today after marathoning Clash of Kings yesterday night. Went to Target and the Comic Book Store and got some lunch! The three figures I picked up are all pretty good. I like Predaking the best, and Hardshell is neat. I wish he were bigger, though. Likewise, I want a Voyager figure of that Megatron, 'cause I love that body! After that, I went to see The Wolverine with a friend of mine! It was pretty good. The after-credits scene made us both squeal! Overall, a very good day today!

July 26, 2013

Day 62

Me, after watching "Deadlock"

So, if you haven't seen it, go watch the TFP finale! It's on YouTube here! Might not last very long; Hasbro's gotten better about keeping track of piracy! I watched a live stream of it, and it was amazing! Check out my review of it if you want!
Anyway, my Mom stayed home today because her cold finally got to her. :( She's feeling a little better now, but she's still sick. Spent the morning writing my Transformers fanfic, which is coming along nicely! Then surfed Tumblr to get support for the TFP finale! Seriously, it was awesome, and the live blogging was great! I even participated a little!
Got dinner in the rain! Seriously, this rainstorm in Albuquerque is insane!!! Lighting and thunder and HAIL! How often do we get hail?! Not that often, so this was a treat. Had Sonic (went through the drive-through, 'cause y'know, the rain and lighting and blowing dirt) and then I posted my review, which should really be taken as an Initial Thoughts post, like my first Dark of the Moon post. I still want to do a full in-depth review of this episode as well as my yearly Prime Overview for Season 3! Anyway, had a great day, and here's a cool picture of Team Prime as Avengers!

Shadowcon Mini-Views- Deadlock

Okay. Yeah! So, that happened.

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime Season 3, episode 13: "Deadlock"- Initial Thoughts (6/27/13)

Spoilers abound!

This is going to be completely informal, everything's off the top of my head, and if you haven't seen the final episode... why?! But also, as the warning says, you should probably stop reading now, 'cause this will contain spoilers!

July 25, 2013

Day 61

My first Wordmonger!
Y'know, I always wonder how the people who do the P365 challenge thing manage to make their lives so interesting! I mean, my life can be interesting, but I'm not really an active person. When I'm not at school, I'm usually at my computer working on something, and who the heck wants to read about what I look at on the Internet? Anyway, to spice things up, I'd thought I'd describe my day in the most detailed way possible! Here goes:
Today, the sun beat down on me through the window as I rolled out of bed, my clock reading 9:30. I still had not recovered from the Insidious 2 trailer from yesterday, so I was still rather cautious when roaming the hall of my house. Getting myself something to eat (toast and eggs, with a nice glass of orange juice) I plunked myself down in front of the computer to begin my daily brainwash, which involved staring at a screen for a good 8 hours or more. I began this particular day with a small dose of Writability blog posts (as I am now obsessed with the website, and have since commuted myself to reading at least two posts of her's a day).
After that, I decided to flavor my computer-staring routine by watching Transformers Prime. "Darkness Rising, Part 1" was the episode in question (review coming soon), and I then watched the audio commentary for it. It wax very interesting. With my Prime watching now out of the way, I began work on my continued Transformers fanfic. This is where the above picture bears relevance, as I worked on the story in 30-minute spurts, which really made me focus on what I was trying to say, and provided great results. Kelly Clarkson music then blared from my speakers as I surfed Tumblr, ten logging and liking all manner of posts, from gifs of bunnies and cats to introspective posts about Transformers Prime, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Very interesting!
My mother arrived home early today: evidently her cold had gotten to the point where she could no longer sustain herself at work. She took a 2-hour nap while I continued my foray into Tumblr's depths. Around 6:00, my mother left for her weekly meet-up with friends. She has yet to return. I am currently listening to my Transformers favorites playlist on iTunes. I am very sad the Prime is ending the series's proper tomorrow. I shall see you all with news on the morrow.
So, what did you think of my super detailed post? Does it make me sound more interesting? Leave a comment and let me know.

July 24, 2013

Day 60

Got this little beauty today! It's so CUTE! I just want it to grow little arms and legs and walk around all adorable like... don't judge me! :)

Pretty good day today. As you can see, I've revamped the look of my blog. This is a simpler look, and will hopefully not be too jarring for anyone. Everything's the same except for the Directory tab at the top. That now houses all of my posts, and it's where you'll find the links to my reviews, overviews, blogs, etc. as opposed to using the labels as linked pages for everything. The reviews are now in order of subject: for example, the Transformers Prime Reviews list now lists all the episodes I've reviewed in chronological order, rather than by my numbering scheme. Thought it would be easier and give new viewers a good quick "go-to" page. So, I spent the better part of an hour putting that together (had to get all the links and make sure everything worked right), and then did some more reading. 
Mom came home, and it turns out she has a cold :( That sucks. Naturally, in order to recover, we went to a movie! And what better theme for us to see than a plague movie?! We saw World War Z. I liked seeing it again, though there was a trailer for Insidious 2 at the beginning, and by God I nearly wet my pants! It was so messed up. Jesus! Anyway, home now! Might go on Tumblr for a good three hours before going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

July 23, 2013

Day 59

The series may be fantastic, but Sherlock could really use some guidance on posture... (hint: look at his bow hand)

Good day today. Got up early because I had an eye doctor's appointment. Had to get my eyes dilated, which kinda sucked, but then I went home and I was so tired that I had to have a nap. Slept 'till 1:00 PM! Got up, did some more writing (check out my last post), and then watched some Alias! The show's getting really good! Surfed on Tumblr a little (okay, maybe for like two three four hours), and then had dinner. Now reading more of A Clash of Kings! Pretty awesome!

A Whirlwind of Description

So, as you know if you've kept up with my daily posts, yesterday I recommended that you check out this website. I've been reading that blog's stuff for the past day and have come to realize that some of my writing has within it some of the "Don't's" of this blog. For example, in the short Transformers fanfic I'm writing, I have a good three paragraphs describing Optimus Prime's physical features. Now, I had a hell'a fun writing this: I got to literally expand my color palette and just run wild with seeing how much detail I could cram into this nugget of a description of a person. But as so often is demonstrated, more is not always better. As Writability says: my character "was drowning in so much description that nothing could stand out and leave an impression." If you will be so kind and indulge me- I have here the three paragraphs of description that I dedicated to describing Optimus Prime:

"Optimus’ build was tall broad of shoulder yet limber, as an athlete might have been in the days of Old Cybertron. His armor was masked in red, streams of the color covering the majority of his arms, with each shoulder plate embroidered with the sigil of his Autobot cause. A noble symbol, the sigil was emblazoned cardinal red, the majestic face flanked by a set of three-pronged wings, their borders rimmed in chromed silver. The gorget he wore was vermillion red, simple in design and light. His breastplate was red too, ornamented with muted silver and palatinate blue accents. Two resilient panes of transparent armor lay overtop his breastplate proper, while his abdominal armature consisted of a cascade of silver plate overlaying mail and under-armor. The blue armor in Optimus’ legs was splinted over silver, weaving around his thighs. His lower legs were covered in the zaffre color completely, punctured only by silver vented shin guards and black-as-coal kneepads.

"His head lifted, his great kabuto helmet glistening deep electric cobalt in the newly risen sun. The royal assembly was a heavy thing, fitting of form to Optimus’ defined features, yet to wear it was to wear and represent the not-all-too-proud Prime lineage of which Optimus was the latest. The unique headgear was ornamented with flecks of jonquil and battleship silver, vented guards accompanying the cheekplates. His great forehead crest was tall, rimmed in sapphire, it’s vents of contrasting silver retreating into blackness. The temples of the helmet featured translucent domes overtop silver disks, each embroidered with the sigils of the Thirteen original Primes, made out in Old Cybertronian script. Attached to the domes were multiple antennae, the most prominent of which were long spires of razor-sharp silver encrusted with blue gemstone and gold crevasses. The back of the helmet sloped down, with ornamented rivets of Mikado yellow cascading down the blue, vented protrusions flowing with the design. Ringlets of silver fastened themselves to the base of the back helm, onto which hung further neck protection of black leather, which seated itself snugly behind Optimus’ protruding red shoulder blade armor and gorget.

"The leather was old and musty, stained with the oils of Cybertronian blood that ran through and fueled the biotech of the wearer. The leather had once been stamped with the phrase “’Till All Are One” written in Maximalius Cybertronian, but due to Optimus’ prolonged use of the leather and ferocity in battle, few characters remained of the original mantra. Still, all who looked upon Optimus knew what he represented, or at least, kidded themselves into thinking that they knew the whole truth of it. Optimus did not like being looked at or idolized, and he liked that the source of that admiration came from a half-truth even less."

Now, that's a lot of text and a lot of wordiness, and it's almost all filler. Look at what I've done here: I spend a paragraph describing his body, a second paragraph describing the damn HELMET, and a third talking about leather! LEATHER?! Really? At the very end, we get a tiny little bit of character introspection. That's it. What's more, none of this ever comes back into the story. No one looks at Optimus and admires his shiny helmet or manly abs or any of that. The rest of the story focuses on him fighting a losing battle and facing inner demons. The point is, most of this needs to go, and his description needs to be trimmed down into a nice paragraph. Perhaps an experiment could be conducted right here:

What I would first need to do is tighten up what he looks like. I have all this detail running around, but none of it culminates; it's all just there on the page. Optimus should be a tall, lanky yet powerful commanding figure. That's a description in one sentence!

"Optimus’ build was tall broad of shoulder yet limber, as an athlete might have been in the days of Old Cybertron. His armor was masked in red, streams of the color covering the majority of his upper body, with silver popping up amidst the blue of his legs."

I like the first description here: "broad of shoulder yet limber" is exactly how I picture Optimus, especially from the Prime universe, which this one is somewhat based on. This also lets the reader fill in some details about what his armor looks like: to some, it may be pointed and angular, to others it could be a nice taught tapestry of color, but that's all up to the reader. This trimmed down sentance doesn't force-feed anyone a rundown of where every color is. This takes away all the flourish and polish and strip the description of his armor down to a sentence. It may lack bravado, but it gets the job done far more quickly and effectively than going on and on about red and blue and silver covering a figure.

Next, we need to condense the description of the helmet. Admittedly, this section was just me experimenting with color and seeing if I could convey what the shape of the helmet looked like. However, the same rules should apply.

"His head lifted, his great kabuto helmet glistening in the sun. The royal assembly was a heavy thing, fitting of form to Optimus’ defined features, yet to wear it was to wear and represent the not-all-too-proud Prime lineage of which Optimus was the latest. The unique headgear was ornamented with flecks of jonquil and battleship silver, embroidered with the sigils of the Thirteen original Primes, made out in crude Old Cybertronian script, as if to judge their helmet's wearer."

Perfect? Certainly not, but this trimmed-down version of the second paragraph seeks to eschew flare and give more insight into Optimus' character, even if its only a little bit. I kept the second sentence ("The royal assembly was a heavy thing...") because I liked how it conveyed a burden that Optimus had to carry with him, quite literally in the form of his heavy helmet. The sentence continues to give us slightly more background information with "... the not-all-too-proud Prime lineage of which Optimus was the last." Great! That gets the reader interested: why is Optimus not proud of his mantle? did something happen to make Optimus ashamed of his position? what's the secret here? These questions are nestled nicely in the back of the reader's mind, and with the revisions that I made, the questions aren't immediately swept away with more description. The last half of the final sentence seeks to try to tie back to the second, with "made out in crude Cybertronian script, as if to judge their helmet's wearer." It gets across that Optimus feels like he's being judged, and that the Original Thirteen, whoever they are, were cruel, or at least simple, people with "crude script" being the key descriptive here.

Finally, the last paragraph deals with arbitrary detail, and honestly most of it can go. In fact, the only part of it that I would save is the last half.

"All who looked upon Optimus knew what he represented, or at least, kidded themselves into thinking that they knew the whole truth of it. Optimus did not like being looked at or idolized, and he liked that the source of that admiration came from a half-truth even less."

Once again, this chunk of text seeks to build character rather than develop needless descriptions about leather (we have porn fanfic for that). This section is unchanged, except for starting the first sentence later than the original did. I like the second sentence here as well, as it tells us about Optimus' moral standards: he doesn't like lying, he perhaps is ashamed of his heritage, or that his command and admiration is based around a "half-truth". What is this "half-truth"? why is Optimus ashamed? These questions, raised in the second paragraph, are tied back with this. My final edits of this section resulted in this:

Optimus’ build was tall broad of shoulder yet limber, as an athlete might have been in the days of Old Cybertron. His armor was masked in red, streams of the color covering the majority of his upper body, with silver popping up amidst the blue of his legs. His head lifted, his great kabuto helmet glistening in the sun. The royal assembly was a heavy thing, fitting of form to Optimus’ defined features, yet to wear it was to wear and represent the not-all-too-proud Prime lineage of which Optimus was the latest. The unique headgear was ornamented with flecks of jonquil and battleship silver, embroidered with the sigils of the Thirteen original Primes, made out in crude Old Cybertronian script, as if to judge their helmet's wearer. All who looked upon Optimus knew what he represented, or at least, kidded themselves into thinking that they knew the whole truth of it. Optimus did not like being looked at or idolized, and he liked that the source of that admiration came from a half-truth even less.

A bit long for a single paragraph, but this is a much better summation of both Optimus' physical features as well as his mind than the three paragraphs of ornament and flourish from before. I hope that this illustrates that a) the Writability blog site is a wonderful tool, and b) with just a few changes, you too can eliminate needless pontification, and instead focus on character, with perhaps a sprinkle of physical description.

Thank you to Writability for helping me in my quest to become a better writer, and I hope that this post was helpful to at least one person out there!

July 22, 2013

Day 58

A moment of silence in remembrance of my Dad, who taught me so much and who always smiled and laughed and made me so happy!

So, I found this great gem of a blog site today! This thing is loaded with tips and thoughts on writing and all the stuff that that means, like reading, editing, characters, voice, whatever. You name it, this site's got it! It's a great resource, so check it out here!

Pretty good day today. Woke up late, worked on my story and grazed the Internet for inspiration, which is where I found that awesome site. Had my violin lesson today. We worked on AYS stuff and a little on the Bach Partita No. 3 (so hard!!!) Came home and had some pizza for dinner, and am now working more on my story while reading advice from that blog.
Oh, and Lindsey's new video is up! It actually went up at exactly 1:00 AM mountain time, and now has close to 300,000 views... after 19 hours! Cool! Check it out below:

Pretty cool! Looking forward to that Final Fantasy video... any day now... any time would be great...

July 21, 2013

Day 57

So, I came across this today! The video comes out tomorrow, but you can buy the song here!

Had a horrible nightmare last night where the Gentlemen from Buffy and the Silence from Doctor Who teamed up and were haunting this house and they were torturing an old creepy lady who lived there by going into her dreams and sucking out her soul. I woke up freaking out, 'cause that's the kind'a thing that'll set a guy on edge.
Anyway, after that, I wrote a little bit, but it was too early, so I went back to bed. Woke up again at eleven o'clock and had breakfast/lunch food (toast and eggs), and practiced the violin for a good hour. Then, I surfed on Tumblr for like three hours! That's where I found out that Batman is going to be in the second Man of Steel movie. I am so skeptical about this its not even funny. Anyway, I saw Despicable Me 2 again (after a day! ONE DAY!!!) because my Mom wanted to see it. I still had a ton of fun with it! It's so funny! Got groceries, went to Flying Star, and came home. Now reading more of A Clash of Kings and talking with some friends about the whole Superman/Batman crossover thing! See you all tomorrow!

July 20, 2013

Day 56

My Mom brought me back gifts from Italy!

Returning from Italy, my Mom met the Fromans and me for breakfast at Flying Star. It was a great breakfast! I had french toast. Yum. After that, we said our thanks and goodbyes to Aaron and his family, and arrived home. It's nice to be back. We ran errands today. Went to Staples to get a few school supplies, and then went out to lunch and then to Khols where we bought me some shirts and sportswear. Came home again and had dinner, and I worked on my short story some more. Watched some Alias and now reading more of A Clash of Kings. A very good day!

July 19, 2013

Day 55

I don't think I've laughed so consistently throughout a film in a good long time!

So, unfortunately, we missed Much Ado About Nothing, and not because I overslept, but because Albuquerque, it seems, is showing it no longer. Missed it by ONE DAY!!! Made me sad. But we went to Starbuck for lunch and I had a java chip frappuccino, and that was really good. Came home and it rained and thundered which was cool, and then Aaron and I went to see Despicable Me 2, just to get in our quota of movies in for the day, y'know?! It was a blast and now I'm really happy. Tomorrow my Mom returns from Italy and I go home. It has been fun staying over at the Fromans' house!

July 18, 2013

Day 54

Comic book haul!
Also, sorry about yesterday's post... I gotta get this Blogger App thing sorted out...
Went and visited Aaron's friend who was in the hospital. We watched Transformers 3 to entertain ourselves, and then Mrs. Froman and I went to the comic book store. I picked up an Iron Man TDP for Aaron and got my usual fare. After that, we stopped at the Apple store to bask in the awesome, but also so that I could get a new power cable for my phone, since my old cable had grown worn from use. Came home and worked more on my story, and then practiced the violin after having a very yummy dinner of steak and potatoes. Tomorrow we might see Much Ado About Nothing!

Shadowcon Reviews- Legacy

            Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 2 episode 20: “Legacy”

            Prime season 2 is a rather weak season, as noted in my Overview, and I think that one of the many elements that make this season not work for me is all of the untapped potential. Seen in this episode and in a few others, characters say and do things that could lead to something amazing; we see establishment of themes, natural character growth, and attempts to wrestle with the human (or in this case, Cybertronian) condition, all of which could have been the heart and soul of this season. This episode is one that establishes so much of what could have made Prime’s second season great: we have very good character growth for Smokescreen, great interaction between he and the rest of the Autobots, and Optimus’ dialogue this episode suggests that there may be more to this war than just good versus evil (and no, for those wondering, I did not set that sentence up to end with “more than meets the eye”)! As a stand-alone episode, this is excellent, so let’s dive in and see what makes this work!

Day 53

Ate here for lunch!
Went to Costco with Mrs. Froman today before returning home and cracking down on my story. I'm impressed that I've written solidly for four days! Makes me feel accomplished! Saw World War Z with Aaron and his mom while Dr. Froman was away for the nigh. It was awesome! Now reading more of A Clash of Kings and getting ready for bed.

July 16, 2013

Day 52

Saw Pacific Rim today! On a roll with movies!

Good day today as Aaron had the day off so we got to see Pacific Rim. It was very Japanese anime-esque with giant robots and Godzilla-like aliens. Came home and practiced the violin, then marathoned more of Firefly. I love watching it again! Read more Clash of Kings and now headed for bed. See you all tomorrow.

July 15, 2013

Day 51

RISK!!! I'm losing :(
Great day today! Woke up and went to Flying Star. Revised my rough draft of my next review and worked more on my Optimus story (the battle is exhausting to write)! Played Risk with Aaron and his parents, but we didn't finish so we'll continue tomorrow. Mr. Froman is dominating!

July 14, 2013

Day 50

Saw Monsters U today with Aaron and his family! It was pretty good. Pixar's still got it!

50 days in! Woot! Good day today! Woke up and went to Grover's Market to have yummy breakfast burritos! Then came home, worked more on my Optimus story, then went to see Monsters University! Had a rockin' good time! Had some great burgers for dinner and now are sitting around listing to Lindsey Stirling and taking rorschach tests for fun. Aaron and I are kinda insane according to those tests!

July 13, 2013

Day 49

Me rock climbing!

Woke up in a bout of inspiration this morning! I wrote a good chunk of my Optimus Prime solo story! I also started A Clash of Kings! It's really good! In the afternoon, I went rock climbing with some friends of my friends and we had a blast (though I seriously need to get in shape, lol!) Went back to Aaron's house and we swam in the pool and then had yummy salmon for dinner! Now off to read more Ice and Fire and write more of my story! Might see a movie tomorrow!

July 12, 2013

Day 48

Blurry shot of my new headphones that I got today!

Despite spending the week at a friend's house, I did still sleep 'till 12:00 PM today. Ran errands with Mr. and Mrs. Froman, and then came home. Wrote my rough draft of my next review, and then had some yummy pasta! The new headphones work really well. Now off to practice the violin!

July 11, 2013

Day 47

Aaron got his new computer! His first Mac!
Got up, had a lazy morning, then my Mom came home and we went to the bank to transfer some money and then went to dinner with some friends. My mom handed me off to said friends for the next week while she goes off to Italy (dammit)! Now hanging out with Aaron as he admires his new computer!

July 10, 2013

Day 46

So, this is me after I woke up from my impromptu nap. I feel really lazy!

I finished The Mark of Athena! It is so beast and awesome! Stayed up 'til 4 in the morning finishing it, and then woke up at 9:00 for some reason. Then I went on to Tumblr and discovered that there is a huge Percy Jackson following! Yay. I feel so loved... Anyway, then I wrote some stuff, went for takeout, and then had a nap from 6 to 9 PM, because I guess having only five hours of sleep after having read a mind-racing and energizing book takes a lot out of a guy, especially if he spends the next day sitting at a computer making his mind go numb.

July 9, 2013

Day 45

Logic logic logic! Got me a Shockwave! I now have all but one of the main Decepticon cast! Shockwave is very screen-accurate and is a pretty good figure!

Okay, so I'm very energized... possibly because I'm eating ice-cream right now, but also because I got up this morning, then went back to bed and slept 'till 1:00 PM after staying up the night before until 3:00 AM reading more of the Mark of Athena book! Needless to say, my day's been a bit wonky, and I'll most likely continue my day into the night where I will probably finish Mark of Athena and be really really happy, because that book is awesome!
Rehearsed Phantom with my friend today! That was cool. We're getting really good at it; both of us have the song memorized, so we can now focus on phrasing and playing off of each other! Fun stuff.
Also, found this neat video giving a, rather unfortunately, very brief overview of the life of Rosalind Franklin, one of the most under-appreciated female scientists of her time. famous of course for discovering the Double Helix. Her story is far more complicated than what a 4-minute period could ever hope to cover, but the video did hit all of the main points, and is a fun overview of her and the discovery of the Double Helix!
So, that's pretty cool! I'm also thinking about starting up a 30-day challenge to write something about me for thirty days with guidelines and requirements and stuff, and that'll probably go up in August. And yes, I have started writing my next review, so look forward to that sometime in the next week... hopefully!

July 8, 2013

Day 44

Sweet new Everrest shoulder rest for my violin! Thanks to my cousin for introducing me to this.

Woke up and downloaded some new apps for my phone. Evernote is a really cool note and bookmarks app that, I am happy to say, bases everything around organization and efficiency. Also, I got me the Amazon app! Uh oh! That means I'm falling even harder into the rabbit hole. I'm not sure that's a bad thing...
Went to violin lesson today. Worked on a whole bunch of stuff, like AYS music, Mozart, began the Bach Partita #3, and looked at some All-State stuff a little bit. Came home to find the above accouterment ready to be attached to my violin. It's a great fit, and the feet are far more durable and don't rub against the wood as much as the previous shoulder rest I'd been using. I also feel more comfortable with putting it on with the pickup attached, as I don't feel like I'm squeezing things together in unnatural ways. It's a great piece! Tomorrow I rehearse Phantom with my friend again. That should be fun. See you all then!

July 7, 2013

Day 43

All the stuff I'm currently working on, watching, listening to...

Hey, 100 posts on my new Blog!!! Yeah! Got a lot of stuff done today, though as you can see, I still have some stuff to finish up. Worked on one of several of my stories, started working on my fourth violin duet, and watched some Prime. Went out to Flying Star today! I haven't been there in like three weeks, so it was nice to get back there! Had some yummy scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes. I'm a breakfast guy, even during dinner. Now off to read more Percy Jackson and head to bed.

July 6, 2013

Day 42

Here, have an awesome edited Arcee pic! Credit goes to Teldryns of tumblr!

Woke up at 12:00 PM, 'cause I'm lazy and it's summer! Ahh summer, how I love you! Got a new washer and dryer today, but I didn't take a picture, because I like the one above more. Got my bow back today, and started working on my AYS pieces. They're pretty neat. Went to Kohls and picked me up some pants, and had a lovely shrimp roll and Caesar salad for dinner. Yum. I really need to start doing some interesting stuff; these posts must be so boring to read. Well, that's the price I pay for starting this project in the summer when nothing is going on!!! Oh, btw: I don't know when my next review will be up. I know it's been a few weeks, and I do apologize for my laziness. I do plan to have something for you to read that isn't Project 365-related soon, be it a review or a short story.

July 5, 2013

Day 41


Went to get blood drawn first thing today. I hate needles, so this was a less-than-steller way to begin my Friday. But then I had that great breakfast and it was all good. Went to social security to get some forms resubmitted, which meant a lot of waiting and sitting around, but it did give me a chance to catch up on the latest Percy Jackson book which I started like a year ago and got about a fifth of the way in before Ice and Fire took over my leisure reading. Anyway, I'm glad I'm reading it again! It's soooo goooooood!
After that, my Mom and I went to Walgreens to get my purscription filled out, but the doctor didn't call, so that was a bust. After a quick stop to copy my music at Staples, we came home and I emailed off some documents to some people, ate some spaghetti, and then watched the latest Prime episode! OMFG, Soundwave SPOKE!!! And Shockwave! And Ultra Magnus!!!! DUDE! It was really amazingly awesome! Might go over to Tumblr to gush over this some more! Tomorrow, we get a new washer and dryer! Yay! See you all then.

July 4, 2013

Day 40

Because nothing says Independence Day like Doctor Who and Optimus Prime!

Had a very relaxing day today. Went to the tennis club for about an hour, but it was really hot, so I came home. Learned more about Sibelius' features (seriously, this how-to PDF is like the best thing ever!) and then watched The Avengers! That was fun! Tomorrow I get blood drawn and go to Social Security again :(
See you all tomorrow.

July 3, 2013

Day 39

So, in conjunction with learning my Mozart, I'm also now having to learn All State Competition music (forefront), and my new AYS music (in the folder). Needless to say, I'm a little swamped right now!

Had a good day today. Got up and completed my 12 variations on "Oh My Darling, Clementine" for solo violin, and then went to the doctor for a checkup. I had to get eeevil shots! I hate shots :( Then I went to my violin shop and surrendered my bow for them to rehair it, and then went and picked up all this music. Learning the Bach Partita No. 3! Really stoked about that. AYS music looks interesting, too.
Came home and transferred "Clementine" into Sibelius from my Noteflight account. Unfortunately, this meant manually transferring it, since for some reason, my Sib doesn't like Noteflight's program, so it squishes all the notes and key signatures and everything together. If anyone knows how to fix this, leave me a comment, it would save me about an hours' worth of time!
Had breakfast burritos for dinner, and now feeling sleepy. Gonna hit the hay. See you guys tomorrow for some good ol' 'MERICA spirit!

July 2, 2013

Day 38

This is my custom TFP Ultra Magnus, colored to be more show-accurate! I feel pretty happy with it, and I encourage anyone who has this figure to do the small changes to make him accurate to his show model. All you need is a red sharpie, a black sharpie, blue and white acrylic paints, and a screwdriver!

Got up at 1:00 PM today! Sorry, Lauren, I'm very lazy! Got to writing my college essay that I've been putting off, and then worked more on my story that my cousins and I are writing together. Practiced the violin, wrote a theme and variations piece for violin on "Oh My Darling, Clementine", and ate some doughnuts! Yum.
Pizza night! I'm a happy camper. I also downloaded Jason Yang's newest medley. It's epic!

Holy crap! Lindsey got a haircut!!! Looks damn cute!

Okay, that's about all the news I have for today! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Bleh. See you guys later!

July 1, 2013

Day 37

Love playing Mozart!

Good to be back home! I spent the morning working on my waltz, then practiced the violin for a good hour and a half! I'm learning the 1st movement of the 3rd Mozart violin concerto, and I absolutely love it! It's so happy and springy! Went to my violin lesson today instead of tomorrow, and my teacher and I had a great discussion about the Mark O'Connor camp, and she did reassure me that my posture and left hand positions were fine, and she encouraged me to keep doing my elbow swings to lower strings. She did, however, agree with Hall-Tompkins that it wouldn't hurt to try this cotton ball between my fingers technique that she suggested, as my hand is rather crunched up while in playing position. I just realized that if you're not a strings player, this vernacular must sound really weird!
Anyway, after that, my Mom and I went to the Laundromat hopefully for the last time! Huzzah! Then we got some groceries (I got a big thing of doughnuts! Bwahahaha!!!) and got some chicken for dinner. Yum. Now I'm in the process of reorganizing my iTunes library and my various playlists. See you tomorrow!