June 1, 2013

Day 7

SAT done!!! Ha!

Well, thank God that's over with! Hopefully I won't have to retake it.
So, so many cool things went on today. First off, I watched the latest Transformers Prime episode (I don't get the Hub Network, so I have to wait for the episode to show up on YouTube), and it was great! I totally ship Arcee and Wheeljack, because they're just so perfect together. And Miko and Jack would make a great brother/sister duo. So many great moments in this episode, despite the plot being a retread of Season Two's, this had enough character elements to still make it enjoyable. Now I'm going into review mode, sorry!
I painted up my new Ultra Magnus to be more show-accurate, and then my Mom and I went to dinner and then to the grocery store to pick up some food to make my side dish that I need to bring tomorrow for a local Matanza that a friend of mine is hosting! Should be fun. I also ordered Danny's birthday present! He's gonna love it!
Lastly, here's a great flashmob video that I found! It made me cry, because it was just so inspiring and gave me hope for the human race!
So, hope you all had a good day. So glad the SAT's over. I'll hopefully get a pic of the party in action tomorrow!

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