June 28, 2013

Day 34

Certificate of completion!
First off, sorry about the skipped day. I guess the blogger app didn't post the last post yesterday, so you get a double dose today!
Had an excellent last day at the Mark O'Connor strings program! Had the final masterclass with Alex DePue, which was as informative as always, and then took a rhythms and heterophony, which was awesome! We learned about the half flats and sharps, aka the quarter tones in music, and had a fun study in harmony!
Lastly took a masterclass with Kelly Hall-Tompkins, which was probably the most productive class out of all of them today! I played a piece that I need to play for tomorrow, and she helped me refine it very nicely!
Lastly there was the absolutely stunning faculty concert! This was great, full of joy and energy! The faculty put on a show of classical pieces, Latin American music, jazz, Irish fiddle tunes, as well as some other eclectic styles! Really happy to have gone this year! Much like last year, it was a blast!
Now heading off to bed so I can wake up at three to catch a plane to Virginia.

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