June 28, 2013

Day 33

Ticket for the Berkeley Roots Orchestra!

Penultimate day of the Mark O'Connor camp! It was a pretty mellow day today! First class was with David Wallace on how to write a waltz! Really cool! It was just me and another student (she played viola and was really nice), and Wallace, so it was very laid back! Next was a masterclass with Alex DePue, which was fuller, but still enjoyable. I went towards the end, and we were sort of pressed for time, so I didn't get to play all of my piece of choice, but I still got some good feedback. Last class was Jeremy Kittel's Improving Over Chord changes, which was pretty much learning about chord theory for an hour and a half! I love that stuff!
Then we went to see tonight's concert, which consisted of Mark O'Connor's own  string quartet playing some pieces of his, and then the Berkeley Roots Orchestra performing faculty-written pieces, all with improv solos! Really fun stuff! Looking forward to a kick-ass day tomorrow!

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