June 25, 2013

Day 31

Neat origami paper picture things!
Great day today! Took a cool Irish fiddle style class, in which I learned two jigs! Made me really happy. Then I took Kelley Hall Tompkins' violin technique class. There was no one else there, so it just turned into a sort of private violin lesson! She improved my left hand technique a lot, (apparently my posture was completely wrong in my left hand! Oops!) and then we worked on bow consistency. It was a really informative class and I look forward to taking her masterclass on Friday!
Speaking if masterclasses, David DePue's masterclass was more of a subject study class. We learned about the anacrusis, which is a note, phrase, or section that precedes the downbeat of a measure. He had us listen to a recorded lecture by his dad on this subject, and it was really neat. It focused mainly on the Baroque period, but did say that the anacrusis appears in and, in some cases like in rock and jazz, is the basis of, the structure of all music! Again, really cool to learn about that.
Then I attended the Mark O'Connor discussion panel, which focused on how the strings musician is actually taking the initiative a d writing his or her own music! That's like what I do! It was really fascinating and inspiring!
Finally, I went to a faculty concert that sprouted into a jam session! That was fun to watch. I didn't participate because I get nervous and am not very good with fiddle music. Might try tomorrow! A very good day all around!

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