June 22, 2013

Day 28

Me with Nicholas Brendon!

Went to ACE again today and got the above photo, along with a signed poster! That was really cool! There were some great scale model ships and vehicles out by the lobby too. Looked at some comic books, perused the Transformers action figures, and admired all the awesome costumes!
Came home and practiced the violin, got clothes for my trip to Boston for the Mark O'Connor camp, for which I'm leaving tomorrow, and am now watching Alias!
Here are some glamor shots of the scale models, some fun t-shirts, and my loot!

Some neat neon LED light-up logos!

Scale models! Star Wars and Star Trek ships!

Iron Man and DBZ statutes!

Firefly shirts! I didn't get those, but I wanted to!

A Lego Bruticus figure! I don't think that pops apart into the five robots, though!

Finally, here is my loot!

My two new figures: Cliffjumper on the left, who now completes my main Prime Autobots, and the Darkness Megatron cannon and wingpack set attached to my custom show-acccurate Megatron. They fit so nicely with him!

Here is the poster that Brendon signed for me! Hazzah!

Here is the Convention Package kit exclusive gift... thing (I don't know the actual name of it) that you could get if you did something that my Mom did... man, I'm really not doing well with this. Ahem! Anyway, the bag came with a pretty nice sketchbook, a water bottle, and a sharpie!

I also got a shirt that was practically made for me! It has Optimus Prime as the TARDIS, complete with robot bow tie, 'cause bow ties are cool! I also like that with this idea, the Transformers' idea of mass-shifting is now plausible!

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