June 9, 2013

Day 15

Wheeeeeee! Wee wee! Whhheeeee!!!

Woke up at around 11:00 again today, feeling a little better, but still kinda drained of energy. It's just too damn hot here! Anyway, we went to the laundromat to do our laundry today, since our washer and dryer are gone, because they were old, and we needed them out of the garage for the guys to put the new cement in, and... anyway, we did that. Then we came home, I did a little reading and painting up of some of my Transformers figures, then we went out to dinner at Flying Star. Came home, did some more painting of TFs, and now am heading to bed, for I am really tired...
Looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow. My grandfather is on his last legs it looks like, but he's at peace with it, and is happy, so that's reassuring. It'll be nice to see him and spend time with him this next week.

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