June 7, 2013

Day 13

VERY blurry shot of an Autobot emblem (that's the big black barely-visible blob in the center, there) on a Bumblebee-ish car! Pretty cool. Again, sorry for the bulrryness...

Slept 'till 11:00 today (uh, that's AM... I'm not that lazy!) Came across this really cool tutorial on how to paint and modify the Prime RID Arcee figure, linked here. I had a ton of fun reading about how this guy did all the stuff he did to the figure, and it was just a fun thread to read.
That then led me to look at all these fantastic customs found at the TFW2005 Radicons section.
After spending a good two hours looking at some lovely custom figures, my Mom and I met up with my friend Aaron and his family for dinner and a movie. We saw Fast and Furious 6. I liked the action in it... there wasn't much of a plot, but it had enough action and high-octane car chases to get me through. I did like the ridiculousness of this plane that travels on a what-had-to-be continent-sized runway. Then there was the space and mass-altering tank that was supposedly carried in this average-sized 18-wheeler trailer! That thing just ballooned out of it's casing! Anyway, it was an insane movie.
Came home and had some yummy ice-cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup and whipped creem! Needless to say, I'm a little sugared up! See you guys tomorrow.

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