May 31, 2013

Day 6

Got the show-accurate Ultra Magnus figure! Yay, now my Prime Autobots are all here, except for Cliffjumper because he's dead!

So, did a lot of SAT studying today in preparation for tomorrow. Practice test went okay, and I managed to get through three whole sections without taking a prolonged break. I feel prepared for tomorrow, even though I have to get up at a regular school time on a Saturday. That just sounds like a paradox, dosen't it?
Grades came in today! Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal of having no C's in my classes. I ended up with a C+ in Math and Chemistry for the year as a whole, but Latin had a B-, which surprised me, because I seriously thought that that would be the class that got the C. History got a B+, and Strings got an A, and I got a nice big A+ in English! Suuuuper happy about that!
I found this really inspirational speech by Oprah for the Harvard Commencement event. Despite what you may think of Oprah, I think that she says some things in here that really hit home. I found this to be very moving and it made me want to go out into the world and do something (maybe get that math grade up!) Enjoy:
I also found a video that Tyler Ward made. It's a cover of a bad song that he made sound good, but the thing that really made me squeal was seeing a cameo appearance by Lindsey Stirling! She's just an adorable munchkin in this video, as in the beginning and end, she's seen with a guitar of all things, and I like the pat on the head that Tyler gives her at the end! It's super cute. Check it out:
So that's nice. Anyway, hope everyone had a good day. Wish me luck on the SAT tomorrow! :)

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