May 30, 2013

Day 5

My Transformers comics that I plan on covering this summer!
So, my new TF IDW review is up, if you want to check it out! Did that today, and practiced the violin a little bit. Did some more SAT practice for Saturday's test (I'm far less nervous now than I was Tuesday), and read more Game of Thrones. It's nearing the end! My Mom says that I should have it finished in time for my visit with my cousins, so we can actually talk about the entire book! And I have the second one to start on this year too! :)
Transformers Prime airs tomorrow! I'm stoked about that. Wheeljack and Arcee get to work together, which I don't think has happened before in the show, so that should be interesting. My Mom might work from home tomorrow, so that'll be nice. I don't talk to her very much during the day, because she's at work... y'know, having a job tends to do that!

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