May 29, 2013

Day 4

Look what came in the mail today! I'll be done with this in the next three to five years!

My summer reading (and yes, I am only 100 pages away from finishing Game of Thrones, no need to point it out).

Okay, so today was pretty exciting, as far as days of summer with nothing to do go! First, I'm posting from my computer today, so this post might be longer...
Anyway, I hung back up the majority of my pictures in my room, as we had to take all the pictures on the walls in our house down two weeks ago because we had a new roof installed (yay!) and yes, only now am I putting mine back up. So I did that, but then one of the pictures fell down and the frame broke! And the shattering was like one of those movies where the guy flies through the window; the glass made that exact same shattering noise! It was quite frightening.
After that, I worked a little bit on my fictional universe (it doesn't have a name yet), and then spent the rest of the day playing the violin and working out the kinks in my transcription of my Star Trek Medley! So that was fun.
Sadly, found out today that the cruise that my family and I were supposed to go on has been canceled due to a fire that broke out on the last ship before ours, so now they're suspending all the rest of the cruises for the summer! That sucks. But, at least I still get to fly out there and see my family, so that's still good!
Tomorrow will be more SAT work, getting down to business on finishing Game of Thrones, and maybe even perhaps considering working on the next review that I haven't even started despite my promises to you all that it would be up soon... sorry! :)
Oh, and happy birthday, Tony Stark!

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