May 27, 2013

Day 2

Yep! That's the contents of our garage in the kitchen! Why is all this stuff in here? Because we're getting a new garage floor put in! Yay us. This of course means that we need to move all the crap that we barely use out of the convenient shunning space and into the light of our home. It's very dusty!
Today was a morning of garage cleaning and an afternoon of violin practicing! I rehearsed Lindsey Stirling's Phantom of the Opera Medley with a friend of mine and it sounded pretty good! We came to the consensus that we needed a pianist and a bassist, so he and I immediately began contacting our friends for backup. As my Mom says, it's great that we can just up and call someone about musical performance! To have that kind of reliability is really cool!
After that, I went to my violin lesson (which was scheduled for tomorrow, but had to be moved to today due to scheduling conflicts on my teacher's end), and I practiced more Phantom! Woot! My teacher wasn't in the mood for fishing me my Mozart concerto today, so we worked on Phantom instead!
So, today was a mellow day with violin playing galore! I even managed to begin scoring my second movie soundtrack today! Tomorrow should be a day of doing nothing... but I'll still be doing a blog post!

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