May 26, 2013

Day 1

My MarvelLegends Mark 42 Iron Man figure! Super accurate to the screen, and just an overall badass action figure!
Yep! I'm going to try to do the 365 day blog challenge! Actually, I just want to see if I can write every day, so here goes!
So, I went with my Mom to pick up some sneakers for myself and some dresses for her for the cruise! Well, they didn't have shoes that I wanted in my size, so my tagging along was kinda pointless! Still, I went to the postoffice and was able to take the picture of the day, so that was cool!
After that, we had a late lunch/early dinner, came home, and watched Silver Linings Playbook! I had not seen it before, and I must say, it was amazing! Loved the romcom mixed with serious issues and situations theme, and the acting was great! Had I seen this in 2012, it probably would have made my Top 10 list!
Tomorrow should be fun, as I'm rehearsing Lindsey Stirling's Phantom Medley with a friend of mine! Should be cool! 

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