May 22, 2013


Summer's here! Thank God!!!
Stuff has been happening in the month of May! I saw Iron Man 3, and I loved it! I was awarded the Salman History Award at my school's awards ceremony, and that was a shock! I played my Star Trek Medley, which I thought went quite well. Then I saw Star Trek Into Darkness, and I hated it! I got done with finals, which I'm so happy about! And I got into AYS, which I just found out about today!
So, May was big! Like, really big for me! Seeing Iron Man 3 was such a treat! I was so impressed by how much of the story stayed true to the characters and how it didn't veer all over the place like Iron Man 2. I loved the suits and the effects, the action and the drama, and I just had such a good time!
Next, I played my Star Trek Medley, which you can listen to here! This was a medley that I wrote based on the various Star Trek themes! I think I played it pretty well; the static that you here towards the beginning while I'm playing isn't feedback (I thought it was too, at first), but it's actually just the landscaping people blowing dirt outside... my school's weird! Anyway, that was really fun.
Then I received my Salman History Award, which was a huge honor and shock! I had never received an award before, so this was a nice surprise. My history teacher gave me a book as a gift. It's Star Trek and History, which explores the aspects of Trek that may have been drawn from historical figures or events, and looks at Trek as a cultural phenomenon. It should be a great read.

To complete the Star Trek trilogy week, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness. I'll not go into details here, but suffice it to say, they ruined their shot at greatness. I was so close to walking out of the theatre by the last third of the film, and would have, had I not been seeing it with some friends of mine. It was not a good treatment of Star Trek, and this is coming from someone who liked the first Abrams Star Trek.
I've finished finals, and moreover, I've finished Junior year of high-school! Yay. I had such fun this year; I think I developed the most as a writer this year, with my Junior Thesis and English class. I loved that English class, though! I read some of the best literature in there, like The Things They Carried, Dew Breaker, Huck Finn, The Sound and the Fury, and of course, The Great Gatsby! All of these were either good or fantastic, and Things They Carried and Great Gatsby have both made it to my top 10 books list!
Finally, I made it into AYS (Albuquerque Youth Symphony)! Though I'm second violin, I shouldn't complain, as I completely skipped over first violin of AYO, the lower orchestra, of which I was second violin this year! That's a pretty big leap, all things considered! I was so surprised when I found out, and that just put the icing on the cake of awesome (and slight anger) that was the month of May!
That is, of course, only what's been going on with me. I'm sure many of you know that Lindsey Stirling's come out with her Halo Medley, though it's interesting in that there are two versions of the video, yet neither of them are on her channel, and one of them's been taken down for unknown reasons. Maybe there will be a third version that she'll upload, like she did with Mission Impossible? I don't know, but you can check out the remaining video here! Her Final Fantasy Medley should come out tomorrow or Friday, which I'm really really reeeaaallly looking forward to!!! *UPDATE: Lindsey now has her own version up! Check it out here! -ed
So, what's on the docket for summer? Well, I've got my IDW Transformers reviews scheduled, though I still only have one definite issue that I know I'll be reviewing. Look forward to those. I also plan on getting a ton of reading done over the summer. I plan to plow ahead in Ice and Fire, read Star Trek and History, and of course take a look back at the Transformers comics... y'know, I kinda need those if I'm to do reviews of them! I'll also be doing the Mark O'Connor camp again, which I'm really looking forward to, and plan on writing Mayhem 3B, which will be a companion piece to Arcee Mayhem 3, focussing on Optimus Prime and his perspective of the moral dilemma! That should be fun to write, and I hope you all enjoy that. There are three movies that I'm now looking forward to: Man of Steel, Elysium, and World War Z! Those should be good... I hope Man of Steel is good for sure! So that's it from me! Hope you stuck with me through this rambly post. Stay tuned, summer's here, and that means lax schedules and broken promises for this blog returns! Yay...

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