December 22, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 2012

Here are my Top 10 Movies of 2012, and just like last year, I did not see every movie to come out this year, so there are some movies that hsould be on here, but aren't, because I don't have infinite money spending abilities. Regardless, if you want to post your own list, feel free to in the comments section below! Let's get started!

10. Men in Black 3- This is Men in Black 2. Okay, so with that out of the way, this felt like a true sequel to Men in Black, capturing the tone and characters of the first film perfectly. We get to see Will Smith run around in 1969, which is really funny to see. I loved all the throwbacks to the fist one, mostly because they were all either subtle or stayed in the picture just long enough to not get boring, something the non-existent second film simply did not do for whatever reason. Anyway, this is the Men in Black sequel that we’ve all been waiting for, and it was a blast!

9. The Secret World of Arrietty- Ah thank God for traditional animation! I haven’t done much research on this (despite having Google and using it to look up all these movie posters and what a Leerjet looks like), but I have to say that this film really surprised me! While it came out in 2010 for those in Japan, we got it in 2012, because the Japanese are two years ahead of us in almost every way, except in the food industry, and that’s only because we’ve perfected our technique of making people fat. Anyway, this film is really lovely to look at, like all of Miyazaki’s works, and while it has a less memorable main character, its still a unique story with some neat events happening along the way. Really happy I saw this one, as it reminded me of just how cool traditional animation looks and how much I love Miyazaki’s work!

8. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- Comparing this to Lord of the Rings is like comparing a first-class flight to Hawaii to having your own private Learjet that lets you go wherever you want to for free! Of course you’ll want to take the Leerjet over the first-class flight, but hey, first-class is better than coach! Anyway, same applies here. The Hobbit is nowhere near as good as Lord of the Rings. But it knows that, so instead we spend more time on character and action than on breathtaking scenery! I loved the cast in this; Martin Freeman is great as Bilbo (I actually found him more engaging of a character than Frodo), and Ian McKellen is great as Gandalf as always! Wonderful characters and action as well as lovely scenery make this a good follow up to the best trilogy of all time!

7. The Amazing Spiderman- The superhero film that many forgot, this one proves to be, in a way, better than its contenders, because it takes the Sam Raimi films’ characters and situations, strips them of the campy and inserts them into a realistic world! Nothing against Raimi’s films (Spiderman 2 is still one of my favorite superhero films ever), but this one just captured the feel of Spiderman from the comics, without ripping off its source material. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the two leads and they make up the engine for this film. These two have excellent chemistry and their romance is believable, which is something often lacking in these types of films. The action is pretty good, but nothing we haven’t seen from previous Spiderman films, and the villain is a little weak. Still, this is far superior to the original Spiderman in almost every way!

6. Skyfall- I’ve never been the biggest James Bond fan (I was introduced to it by reading the opening of one of his tales involving eels, and that was enough to make me put the book down in terror and not sleep for tow days), but this really hit me in all the right places: I love me some kick ass car chases, it’s what made the opening of Casino Royal great, regardless of the rest of the film, and this takes its opening from that, but doesn’t ape it, which is good! Loved the villain of the piece as well; he’s completely insane! The action is high-octane, the characters are grim and well-developed, and I liked the more gritty tone that they took the franchise.

5. Looper- The one that no one was expecting to be good actually manages to do a great job of blending time-travel with characters that are people! It pull together those two elements much like the original Back to the Future to elevate both for a greater film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis are great in this; both bring their star power to the screen and have excellent chemistry. This isn’t a time travel film; this is a character drama that just happens to involve time travel, and hey, you can’t beat that right?

4. The Hunger Games- Films that are based on books should have one goal in mind: to make people who haven’t read the film’s source material want to read that after watching the film. The Hunger Games did that for me (though I still haven’t gotten around to it yet; I’m reading three eight-hundred page books right now), and that really speaks to the quality of the film. I loved this just as a unique piece of action movie drama. Loved Jennifer Lawrence in this; I hope she continues to go far because she’s really good! Character development is pretty good, and the action is top notch. Check it out if you can!

3. The Dark Knight Rises- The perfect ending to a perfect trilogy, TDKR marks the finale to Nolan’s take on Batman and his world. This is a great film, with the theme of rising up to face your fears now taking full control of the film! I loved Bane and Bruce Wayne has never been more interesting as a character in this! Everyone brings their all to this, and while it isn’t as good as The Dark Knight, this doesn’t need to be; it wraps up things beautifully!

2. The Avengers- Ah, yes. Why isn’t this Number 1? Because, well, we still have one more spot to fill and… so anyway, The Avengers (or Marvel’s The Avengers, if you want to be technical) finally happened; I did a joint-review of this awhile back with my cousin, so you should really read that if you want to get my cousin’s opinion with mine kind of stuck in there last-minute! This film was fantastic, everyone involved did a great job, and Joss Whedon proves that he still has good stories to tell with this one. Great characters, themes, action (loved the Mk. VII armor!), and just a great Whedon film all ‘round!

1. Lincoln- Yes, this is the film that has you on the edge of your seat biting your fingernails in anxiety as you wonder if the Thirteenth Amendment is going to get passed! What drama. Daniel Day-Lewis puts on a fantastic performance as Abe, and the rest of the cast… there’s too many people for me to praise here! All of them are great, and all deserve high praise. The films knows when to be serious and when to provide you with some laughs. I laughed pretty hard at Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Thaddeus Stevens and his lines! A film that cares as much about character and emotion as it does historical accuracy and cinematography, Spielberg proves that he does still have what it takes to make a beautiful masterpiece of film!

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