September 18, 2012

A Look at Lindsey Stirling

Why I love Lindsey Stirling

As some of you may know, I’m a pretty big fan of a mild YouTube celebrity named Lindsey Stirling, a self-proclaimed “Hip Hop Violinist”. That, to me, barely describes her many styles of music, as she has since branched out into a number of different genres. From her classic hip-hop style to dubstep, Stirling has captured the essence of how to make the violin a modern sensation, which is something that I have not seen done before her or since her arrival into the celebrity world.

As a violinist, I love hearing what other people have to say with their style of music, and Stirling certainly has her own style that continues to make me smile every time I see another of her videos. She dances! Now, that isn’t new; there are several dancing violinists out there (Michael Shulman comes to mind, as does Caitlin van Pyre, another one of my favorites), but Stirling has a style and musical tastes that really clicks with me, and that to me is the most important part about being a celebrity: you need to have style that clicks with people, and this girl defiantly has that down.

Stirling’s music include medleys of Lord of the Rings music, Zelda music, and Phantom of the Opera score pieces, as well as her much-vaunted original compositions, her most famous being “Crystalize” which has gotten almost 60 million views! All of her pieces, original or otherwise, are all good, and she’s written enough stuff to now produce a full album, which you can purchase here. Some of my favorite songs of hers include “Moon Trance”, “Shadows”, “Zelda Medley”, and “Phantom of the Opera Medley”, and that’s only because they’re the ones that I’ve listened to recently; all of her pieces are good, really.

Her live performances are amazing! I've been to one of her concerts, and it blew my mind! Her dancing is incredible, and her skills as a violinsist aren't bad; she just needs to work on intonation and contact point with her bow. However, those are complaints for those far more talented and anal than I, so I continue to enjoy her and her style regardless of her abilities as a violinist. I like her attitude, I like her dance moves, and I like her creativity. She has spunk, and if she were to produce a video with ThePianoGuys or Jason Yang, I think that would make the entire music community on the Internet explode, because putting two or three of those talents in a room together would be awesome, and will most likely never come (sadly).

I’ve learned a few of her songs (Phantom of the Opera Medley being the most recent), and the Zelda Medley being the first song of hers that I came across. This has since lead me to arrange four different versions of that work: a simple transcription with minor adjustment, a full orchestral version to back the two violins, a piano part, and a fully new second violin part to accompany the first. I think my musical side really exploded with the discovery of Lindsey Stirling, and she continues to impress and inspire me! Check this girl out; she’s got some great stuff going on, and she’s looking like she’s going to continue doing great things in the future!

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