January 7, 2013

Stuff That I Like- 1/7/13

Proof that there may well be a loving God!
So, it's finally happened! Lindsey Stirling, my longtime inspiration, has finally done a joint music video with another great strings group: the Piano Guys! And they had an impossible mission to accomplish with this one!

I love everything here! From Lindsey, Steven, and Jon, to just the amount of energy in the video. You can tell immediately that all involved are having a great time. And there are some kick-ass moments in here too! I love the laser grid scene, and the "Top Secret Sheet Music", as well as the banter between Jon and Lindsey! All of it is really well done, and comes off as something really special. Granted, I am a HUGE fan of both these artists, so my view of this project is considerably skewed, but I find that even those who know only one of them, or just don't know either of them at all still enjoy it! Great work, guys. I hope to see another one of these in the near future!!!