December 28, 2012

Shadowcon Overviews- Transformers Prime Season 2

Shadowcon presents
An opinionated look at Season Two of
Transformers Prime

Great setup; poor follow-through. This can best sum up the second season of Transformers Prime in a nutshell. This is going to be a joint review with my cousin Danny again (this time I’m kind of forcing him into this position), and no, he’s not going to take up five pages talking about a battle that was referenced in an offhand comment. Also, my opinion on the season has changed since I showed it to Danny, because as it turns out, watching it as it airs gives you a different experience than if you marathon through the whole thing in a night and don’t get up until 1:00 PM the next day! So I’m going to be backtracking on some of my opinions that were spouted in a bout of fury in some of my other reviews; this isn’t retconning them, it’s just making those opinions a little more refined.

When we last saw our heroes in my last Transformers Overview, we covered Season One of this show, which left us with Optimus losing his memory and joining the Decepticons as the historical archivist Orion Pax (I covered this maxi-arc over the summer), and this sets up the main overarching arc of this entire season: the Iacon Database. The Iacon Database is pretty much the writers’ way of throwing in thousands of plot devices that our heroes have to look for every episode. Sound familiar? Yes, Transformers Armada, Energon, and Cybertron all did the same thing, only this time, the relics are actual devices with diversity, and not brainless little robots that plug onto your butt and give you the ability to grow a bazooka out of your spine. The relics are the main reason the show’s overall arc is weak; because we’ve seen all of this before, and coming after the Unicron arc from Season One, this feels like a step backward in storytelling than a step forward. I’ll hand it over to Danny so that he can give you his assessment of the season as a whole.

All right, well I feel I should warn you first that, unlike Luke, I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on Transformers. I haven’t actually even seen all of Prime, but like Luke mentioned, we marathoned quite a bit of it. As a whole, I think that the show maintained a fantastic handle on the animation, which is far better than anything that I had expected, but that sometimes the plot seemed to be letting the animation take over too much. Ultimately, unlike the first season, there did not seem to be a big twist to the season, or a new take on something that made everything that had come before more meaningful. Instead, we got a use for everything, sure, but this fell more into the “looks cool” category than the series attempting to redefine itself. Still, I thought several of the episodes were quite enjoyable, and the show was always fun and entertaining.

December 22, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 2012

Here are my Top 10 Movies of 2012, and just like last year, I did not see every movie to come out this year, so there are some movies that hsould be on here, but aren't, because I don't have infinite money spending abilities. Regardless, if you want to post your own list, feel free to in the comments section below! Let's get started!

Shadowcon Reviews- Crossfire

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 2, episode 7: “Crossfire”

Okay, so my computer’s back up, my Internet is working again, and Netflix has been nice enough to put Season Two of Prime up for streaming, so everything’s hunky dory. Great, let’s review us some Insecticons!